A facelift treatment is generally done to reduce signs of aging. These can be wrinkles, saggy cheeks and fine lines. Facelift treatments in Singapore are even able to rectify droopy eyelids. However, patients are to note that all unique individuals in Singapore are to be properly assessed by a certified medical professional who will be better able to advice you on the viability and feasibility of facelift treatments according to your personal situation.

Liquid Facelift treatment in Singapore

Lift your face the non-surgical way, using “micro-botox” applied to relax superficial fine muscles. The lifting effect is seen as small injections are applied close to the jawline – cancelling the downward pull of the platysmus muscle.

The result of this facelift treatment is that the patient will experience a gentle lift. Skin firming can also be seen immediately with no down-time. The level of pain associated with this facelifting treatment is minimal. Improvements are seen especially at the eyebrow and eye area, marionette lines and tips of the mouth.

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