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Double Chin & Jowl

Redefine facial contours and diminish signs of aging like double chin and jowls through our customized treatments that lift, tighten and sculpt the lower face.
Double Chin & Jowl clinic singapore

Double Chin & Jowl

Redefine facial contours and diminish signs of aging like double chin and jowls through our customized treatments that lift, tighten and sculpt the lower face.

Skin laxity and fat accumulation along the jawline, chin and neck results in sagging jowls and a double chin as we age. This gives the face a droopy, elongated look.

Double Chin & Jowl Concern treatment in singapore

Double Chin & Jowl Concern

As we get older, the lower half of the face is prone to skin loosening and excess fat accumulation, leading to the development of jowls and double chin. As the facial structure descends with age, bands and cords become visible along the neck.

Jowls combined with double chin give the lower face a heavy elongated look. It adds years to one’s appearance and detracts from the cheekbones.

Jowls form as the skin around the jawline loses elasticity due to reduced collagen. Sagging occurs along the jaw creating droopy folds around the corners of the mouth.

Weight gain, genetics, aging and normal fat pad movement over time can cause excess fat deposit around the chin and upper neck as well. This creates a double chin profile that obscures the natural jawline.

Double Chin & Jowl Concern

Double Chin & Jowl Treatments

Skin tightening treatments offer effective options to lift, smooth and tighten the lower face. By stimulating collagen and addressing volume loss, a more youthful, contoured appearance can be restored for the face, including along the jaw, chin and neck.

Ultherapy treatment clinic Kowayo Singapore


Focused ultrasound stimulates deep tissue regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers. This gradually lifts and tightens lax skin along the jaw, chin, and neck over 1-3 months. Results can last for 12 - 18 months.

thermage flx treatment in Singapore

Thermage FLX

Radiofrequency energy heats and contracts the skin. Thermage FLX tightens, lifts and contours the jawline, and neck areas for better definition. Results will be shown over 1-3 months and it can last for 12 - 18 months.

V-shaped Face - hifu


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound targets various depths in the skin to stimulate collagen and skin tightening. It helps to firm up saggy jawline and double chin. Results will be shown over 1 month and it can last for 6 months.

double chin treatment Morpheus8


Deliver RF energy deep into the skin (up to 4mm) with a microneedling device. Not only achieve skin firming and lifting effects, it helps to improve acne scar and pores as well. It also reduces unwanted jowl fat and double chin fat pad.

double chin treatment oligio


Radiofrequency energy to heat up the deeper layers of the skin. The technology is very similar to thermage, except it is less discomfort and faster procedure. It helps to tigthen skin and reveal smoother, firmer, more vibrant skin.

FAQ for Double Chin & Jowl Treatments

Ultherapy, Thermage FLX, HIFU, Oligio and Morpheus8 all tighten and lift the skin effectively. As these treatments are using different energy and targeting different depths of skin, combination treatments often work best.

Skin tightening devices using focused ultrasound, radiofrequency and microneedling RF technology stimulate new collagen and remove unwanted fat under the chin for gradual tightening and lifting over a series of treatments.

BTX may improve the skin laxity but does not address excess fat or stimulate collagen, hence machines such as Ultherapy, Thermage, HIFU, Oligio, and Morpheus8 are more effective to target double chin reduction.