Ellansé Collagen Stimulator

Has time taken its toll on your once healthy and vibrant skin? Perhaps it’s time to consider turning to Ellansé, the latest collagen bio-stimulating filler.

Manufactured in Netherlands with CE marking (product meets European Union standards for health and safety) obtained in 2009, it has since become available in more than 80 countries. The components within Ellansé are well known and have been classified as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA.

What is Ellansé?

Ellansé Singapore | Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic

Ellansé is a dermal filler made from micro-spheres biomedical polycaprolactone that are suspended in a soft gel. 

In short, it is a ‘medical polymer’ that not only helps to reduce fine lines and restore volume loss. It also stimulates collagen. The best feature of this is that it delivers instant results to the patient.

Generally, traditional filler last 12-18 months but for Ellanse, it can last for a much longer period of 2-4 years. Moreover, Ellanse is a bioresorbable filler which will gradually be absorbed by the body over time. With the slow absorption of gel, the only thing that remains behind is your own network of collagen. 

Ellanse takes advantage of the body’s natural functioning to influence the production of collagen in the skin. This process is called neocollagenesis, which restores the youthful and toned look of the skin.

How Long Can Ellansé Last For?

There are 4 types of Ellansé with different lastingness – S, M, L, E. 

How It Works?

Ellansé consists of 30% synthetic polycaprolactone (PCL) and 70% carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). PCL is in a form of smooth and round microsphere (particle sized 25-50 µm) which can produce good quality collagen type 1 whereas CMC gel provides immediate filling effect and wrinkles correction. The perfectly round and smooth surface of PCL is ideally adapted in aesthetic because rough surfaces and irregular shaped microspheres tend to form nodules which result in decreased collagen deposition.

Upon delivery of Ellansé into the skin, CMC gel immediately fills up the volume-deficient areas. PCL microsphere will stimulate collagen within the next 3 to 6 months to replace the dissolving CMC gel.  

Your skin will henceforth be rewarded with a natural volumizing, lifting, and tightening effect.

Where to use Ellansé?

Forehead & temple

Nasolabial folds

Marionette lines

Undereye area



Differences Between Ellansé And Other fillers

Targets the root cause of aging

Traditional fillers are able to restore the volume. Ellansé surpasses these fillers by replacing volume and at the same time increasing collagen production, this helps to delay or even reverse the signs of aging.

Minimal post-treatment care

Ellansé is often compared to Sculptra (童颜针), another type of collagen simulator. Sculptra is a liquid rather than a gel, and after treatment, consistent effort is needed to massage your face (5 minutes, 5 times a day for 5 days) to ensure even distribution of the product. Conversely, with Ellansé, post treatment massage is not needed due to its stable formulation. Some refer Ellansé (二代童颜针) as an upgraded version of Sculptra.

Longer-lasting effects

Traditional fillers last for 9 – 12 months whereas Ellansé lasts between 1 – 4 years depending on the type chosen: S (1 year), M (2 years), L (3 years) and E (4 years).  It is more patient friendly and cost effective as one can reduce the frequency of clinic visits.


Just 1 session is required to see the results. The result is long lasting as dependent on the type used.

With adequate numbing cream, there is minimal discomfort.

Mild redness, swelling may be expected for 1-2 days. Overall, Ellansé is a safe procedure as it is fully reabsorbed by the body.

Anyone who wishes to restore volume loss, remove wrinkles, fold and reverse signs of aging. There is no age limit to try out Ellansé.