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Secret RF Microneedling RF

Secret (RF) energy delivered through microneedles to reach the deeper layers of the skin. It can smoothen acne scar, shrink pores and skin firming.

Secret RF treatment clinic singapore

Secret RF Microneedling RF

Secret (RF) energy delivered through microneedles to reach the deeper layers of the skin. It can smoothen acne scar, shrink pores and reduce eye bag.

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Secret RF requires no downtime and is touted to address skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and enlarged pores with minimal discomfort. It can achieve skin tightening comparable to surgery but with less risk and recovery time. 

What is Secret RF

Secret RF is a type of radiofrequency (RF) microneedling treatment used in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine. It uses an insulated microneedling device to deliver targeted RF energy into the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulating heat triggers the body’s natural wound healing cascade, boosting collagen and elastin production.

The name “Secret” refers to the unique insulation on the microneedles which directs RF energy to the desired depths in a precise, controlled manner while protecting the surface of the skin. 

Multiple treatments are typically needed for best results as the body responds to the collagen and elastin remodeling process over weeks to months following the initial procedure.

How It Works?

how secret rf microneedling works

RF is a form of electrical energy, and it is used to carefully heat the skin dermis to 50 – 75 ºC which is the temperature required for the stimulation of collagen synthesis.

The micro-needles (25-pin) in Secret RF can be calibrated at various depths (0.5-3.5mm), allowing specific tailoring for different areas and concerns. E.g. thin skin areas at under eyes and forehead will require shallower penetration (0.5mm) compared to thicker skin areas like the cheeks (3mm).

During each shot of the treatment, the 25-pin micro-needles will create 25 microscopic punctures at the depth of choice (0-5-3.5mm). Then, RF energy delivered via the tiny needles deep into the skin dermis layer, transmitting heat to stimulate collagen and elastin. This subsequently rebuilds and strengthens the skin’s support system.

Uses Of Secret RF

secret rf treatment for acne scars

Acne & acne scars

By directing radiofrequency energy below the skin's surface to boost collagen production, it smooth the indented appearance of acne scars while its wound healing effects help clear active breakouts over time.

Large Pores

Radiofrequency thermal energy remodels collagen deep in the skin to plump and tighten pore walls, refining skin texture and reducing the visible size of enlarged facial pores.

secret rf treatment for Fine lines & Wrinkles

Fine lines & Wrinkles

Targeted heating beneath the skin triggers new collagen production to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out.

Saggy Face Jowl Fat treatment

Jowl Fat

Triggers collagen remodeling in the skin and face which lifts and tightens the lower face and jawline for a gradual reduction in saggy jowl fat.

double chin treatment

Double Chin

Radiofrequency energy to the skin under the chin and along the jawline to gently heat tissues, stimulate collagen rebuilding, and gradually lift, tighten, and contour the area for a reduced double chin.

secret rf treatment for eye bag

Eye Bag

By heating and tightening the thin under eye skin, boosts collagen to firm and smooth the delicate area, reducing the puffy, sagging appearance associated with under eye bags.

Eye Bag & Double Chin Reduction


Secret RF has a single needle handpiece which can penetrate deep into the fat layer and deliver RF energy to induce lipolysis (fat melting). Hence it is effective in reducing eye bag fats, jowl fats and double chin fats.

It is also used for the subcision of acne scars. Subcision is a procedure to break and release the fibrotic strands that tether the scar down to the underlying tissue.

Is Secret RF Safe?

Secret RF is safe and can achieve significant results without the need of using aggressive skin resurfacing lasers or harsh chemical peels. Since the energy is delivered directly to the deeper dermis, damage to the skin’s surface is minimal, thus reducing visible downtime.

secret rf microneedling singapore

FAQ for Secret RF

It is a advance microneedling technology that combines radiofrequency (RF) energy with microneedles to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen production, and address various skin concerns.

This treatment is used to treat a range of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, and overall skin texture improvement. It can be applied to the face, neck, décolletage, and other areas.

Results from Secret RF are typically gradual. Improvement in skin texture and firmness may become noticeable after the first session, with optimal results developing over several weeks.

The duration of a Secret RF session depends on the treatment area and specific concerns. While discomfort varies among individuals, a topical anesthetic is often applied to minimize any potential pain or discomfort.

Secret RF is associated with minimal downtime. Patients may experience some redness and mild swelling immediately after the procedure, but these effects typically subside within a few days.

The duration of results varies among individuals. Maintenance sessions may be recommended to sustain and enhance the benefits over time.

The number of sessions needed depends on individual skin concerns and treatment goals. A personalized treatment plan can be discussed during the consultation with your healthcare provider.

Post-treatment care may include avoiding sun exposure, using gentle skincare products, and following any specific instructions provided by your healthcare provider.

It is generally advisable to avoid wearing makeup immediately after the treatment to allow the skin to heal. Your healthcare provider will provide guidance on when it’s suitable to resume makeup application.