Dark Eye Circle

Having dark eye circle makes you look tired and jaded, which leads to a less favourable first impression.

Causes of Dark Eye Circle


Types of Dark Eye Circle


Poor microcirculation of the blood and lymphatic system around the eye. They appear bluish/purplish. This is especially obvious in allergic rhinitis with congested nose and slow lymphatic drainage around the eyes.


Accumulation of melanin (skin pigment) due to sun exposure. As the skin is very thin around the eyes, any excess pigments will cause dark circles to be obvious.


Due to the nature of bone structure. The shadowing and indentation arising from deep sunken eye socket can produce a prominent tear trough, thus making dark circles more apparent.

What is Tear Trough?

Tear trough is the sunken area extending from the inner corner of lower eye lid, towards the mid cheek.

Treatments of Dark Eye Circle & Eye Bags

Filling up the tear trough with filler is the most effective way of treating dark eye circles. Using eye cream is not as effective because no matter how much eye cream is applied, the root problem is not solved.


Redensity II

An unique filler specifically designed for dark eye circles. It combines hyaluronic acid with a complex of vitamins and antioxidants to restore volume and rejuvenate the tear trough


An innovative filler that works by stimulating body's own collagen to improve the resilience of the skin under the eyes

Eye Threading ​

The effects of collagen stimulation and lipolysis (fat melting) from PDO thread will help to reduce dark eye circles and improve eye bags