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Dark Eye Circles Treatment & Eye Bag Removal

Remove dark eye circles treatment & eye bag removal to help makes you look less tired and jaded, which leads to a more favorable first impression.

dark eye circles treatment and eye bag removal

Dark Eye Circles Treatment & Eye Bag Removal

Remove dark eye circles treatment & eye bag removal to help makes you look less tired and jaded, which leads to a more favorable first impression.

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Having dark eye circles and eye bags in Singapore can be a cause of concern for many individuals, as they can make a person appear tired, aged, and less attractive. Fortunately, there are various dark eye circle treatments available to help reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and remove eye bags, and restore a more youthful and refreshed look to the eyes.

What Are Dark Eye Circles

What Are Dark Eye Circles?

Dark eye circles refer to the darkened, discolored skin that commonly develops under the eyes due to various causes. The skin under the eyes is among the thinnest areas of skin on the body.

As we age, this delicate skin becomes even thinner which allows underlying blood vessels to show through more prominently.

This vein discoloration coupled with thinning skin leads to bluish-grey, brown or dark hues forming in the under eye region, medically known as periorbital hyperpigmentation or dark eye circles.

What Cause of Dark Eye Circles?

Dark eye circles can be attributed to various factors and understanding the underlying causes can help in effectively addressing and preventing their appearance. Here are some common causes of dark eye circles



As we age, the skin around our eyes becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. This can make the blood vessels under the skin more visible, which can appear as dark circles.

Fatigue Cause of Dark Eye Circle


When we are tired, the blood vessels under our eyes dilate, making them more visible and causing dark circles.



Some people are simply genetically predisposed to having dark circles.

Lack of Sleep

Insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality can result in dilated blood vessels and paler skin, accentuating the appearance of dark circles.

smoking cause dark eye circlr


Smoking can damage the skin and make dark circles worse.

Dehydration cause dark eye circle


Dehydration can cause the skin to appear dull and sunken, which can make dark circles more noticeable.


Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation, which can contribute to dark circles.

Allergies cause eye bag


Allergies can cause inflammation and swelling around the eyes, which can contribute to dark circles.

Types of Dark Eye Circles

remove dark eye circle type of dark eye circle - Vascular


Poor microcirculation of the blood and lymphatic system around the eye. They appear bluish/purplish. This is especially obvious in allergic rhinitis with congested nose and slow lymphatic drainage around the eyes.

remove dark eye circle - type of dark eye circle Pigmentary


Accumulation of melanin (skin pigment) due to sun exposure. As the skin is very thin around the eyes, any excess pigments will cause dark circles to be obvious.

remove eye bag in Singapore - type of dark eye circle Structural


Due to the nature of bone structure. The shadowing and indentation arising from deep sunken eye socket can produce a prominent tear trough, thus making dark circles more apparent.

What Are The Dark Eye Circles Treatments Available?

Dark eye circles can be effectively treated by filling up the tear trough with dermal filler. This method is considered the most effective in addressing this concern. While using eye cream may provide some temporary benefits, it is not as effective because it fails to address the root cause of your dark eye circles problem. Applying eye cream alone cannot treat or remove dark eye circles.

Here are our remove dark circles treatments in Singapore. 

redensity for treating eye bag

Redensity II Filler

A unique filler specifically designed for dark eye circles treatment. It combines hyaluronic acid with a complex of vitamins and antioxidants to restore volume and lighten dark circle.

sunekos treatment

Sunekos Skinbooster

A unique skin booster made up of hyaluronic acid with patented formula of 6 amino acids (HYAA) that promotes ECM regeneration & stimulates own collagen to lighten dark circles under the eyes.

rejuran treatment

Rejuran Skinbooster

Experience the benefits of Rejuran (salmon fish DNA) for yourself and achieve a brighter, more refreshed look. It helps with pores, acne scar and when injected to undereye, it reduces dark circle.

benefits of remove dark eye circle treatment

Effectively Remove Dark Eye Circle

Take the first step towards brighter eyes with dark eye circle treatment and eye bag removal procedure without surgery today!

What Are Eye Bags?

Eye bags refer to the puffy, protruding skin and fat at the under eye area that accumulates due to aging, loose skin or excessive fluid buildup. They present as a rounded bulge or bagginess right below the lower eyelids.

What Are Eye Bags

What Causes Eye Bags?

Eye bags are a common problem that many people suffer from. Eye bags are often caused by ageing related loss of collagen and elastin at the undereye and mid cheek area, leading to lost of elasticity over time and results in sagging skin around the eyes. Additionally, genetic and unhealthy lifestyle like lack of sleep, smoking or drinking alcohol can also contribute to eye bag formation.

Although it is rarely a sign of major illness, eyebags make one look tired and haggard.



The natural aging process leads to a reduction in collagen and elastin, causing the skin around the eyes to lose its elasticity and firmness. This can result in the protrusion of fat and fluid, creating eye bags.

Fatigue Cause of Dark Eye Circle


Insufficient sleep, chronic fatigue, or irregular sleeping patterns can result in blood vessel dilation and fluid accumulation, making eye bags more noticeable.



Hereditary factors play a significant role in the development of eye bags. If family members have prominent eye bags, there may be a genetic predisposition to this cosmetic concern.

Fluid Retention cause eye bag

Fluid Retention

Excessive fluid retention, often caused by factors like dietary habits, dehydration, or hormonal changes, can lead to puffiness and swelling around the eyes, contributing to the appearance of eye bags.

Allergies cause eye bag


Allergic reactions can cause inflammation and fluid retention, leading to swelling in the under-eye area and the development of eye bags.


Sun Exposure

Prolonged exposure to the sun can accelerate collagen breakdown, contributing to premature aging of the skin and the development of eye bags.

smoking cause dark eye circlr


Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that can accelerate the aging process of the skin, leading to collagen and elastin degradation and the formation of eye bags.

high salt diet cause eye bag

High Salt Diet

Excessive salt intake can contribute to water retention in the body, leading to fluid accumulation around the eyes and the development of eye bags.

What Non Surgical Treatments Are Available for Eye Bag Removal?

In addition to lightening dark eye circles, filling up the tear trough with dermal filler can also provide a non-surgical solution for reducing eye bags treatment. This treatment option offers a dual benefit by addressing both concerns effectively, without the need for invasive procedures.

However, there are other non-surgical eye bag removal treatments available for eye bags, offering effective results without any downtime. Here are remove eye bags treatments we provide. 

redensity for treating eye bag

Redensity & Ultradeep Fillers

Replacing volume loss at tear trough with unique soft undereye filler such as Redensity II, together with strong mid cheek filler such as Ultradeep or RHA4, to remove the eyebags effectively, without the need of surgery.

thermage flx treatment in Singapore

Thermage FLX Eyes

5G Thermage FLX Gen System is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that targets eye area for eye bag removal, lift droopy eyelids, tightens skins and stimulates collagen. It is non-invasive and has no downtime.



Micro-needling with fractional radio frequency (RF) for collagen regeneration, skin tightening, removal of unwanted fat within the eyebags. Suitable for eye bags removal and reducing loose skin at the undereye area.

What is Tear Trough

What is Tear Trough?

Tear trough is the sunken area extending from the inner corner of lower eye lid, towards the mid cheek.

Common causes of tear trough include: volume loss, genetics, bone structure, sun exposure, skin allergies and skin laxity.

FAQ for Eye Bag Removal & Dark Eye Circle Treatments

Our doctor can assist in planning out the most suitable treatments for dark eye circles by considering the individual’s condition, expectations, and other relevant factors to provide personalized care and treatment options.

It is important to share your condition and expectations with our doctor to enable us to plan out the most appropriate treatments tailored to your specific needs.

An individual’s condition and expectations play a significant role in determining the most suitable treatment for dark eye circles treatment.

Undereye filler for eye bag treatment in Singapore is not painful as numbing cream will be applied before procedure and the filler contains numbing agents too.

Just 1 session is needed for eye bag removal and dark eye circles treament Singapore. Redensity II filler can last for a year, whereas Ultradeep or RHA4 can last for 18 months.

There is no side effects as the undereye filler for dark circles treatment is made up of natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and multivitamins.

It is advisable to avoid excessive exercise for 3 days and eye massages for a month.

No, your condition will not worsen. In fact, it will still be better than current even after a year. This is because you are delaying ageing with filler. 

Under eye fillers Singapore are great if you have hollowness at undereye area, which can be corrected with filler. To check whether you are suitable for the dark circles treatment in singapore, please contact us today.

It is a non-invasive treatment that has little to no downtime.

Undereye fillers will dissolve by itself naturally. The treatment is also reversible using an enzyme called hyalase which will break down the filler within 24 hours.