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Tattoo Removal

Erase unwanted tattoos safely and effectively with laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal clinic in Singapore

Tattoo Removal

Erase unwanted tattoos safely and effectively with laser tattoo removal.

Over time, many seek tattoo removal due to regret, poor quality art, or lifestyle changes. Traditional tattoos with multi-color are the most challenging to remove completely.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos that once seemed like a good idea may become less desirable over time leading many to seek removal. The most common reasons are:

Tattoo Removal Concern
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Traditional tattoos using green or red pigments are the most difficult to remove completely. Colored tattoo generally requires many more laser sessions than pure black ink tattoo.

Tattoos using lower quality ink may also react poorly in removal. Cover up tattoos also present challenges with multiple pigment layers.

Tattoo Removal Treatments

While tattoo removal is common, better laser technology now allow safe, effective fading of most body ink with minimal side effects and risks. It typically takes 5-10 sessions for optimal results.

pico laser remove tattoo singapore

Pico Laser

The picoplus laser uses ultra-short bursts of energy to shatter stubborn tattoo ink particles. Pico allows safe, precise removal of tattoos on all skin tones with excellent clearance after a series of treatments.

FAQ for Tattoo Removal

Pure black ink tattoo can be cleared by 95% or more. However complete removal depends on factors like ink quality, tattoo age, laser type and number of treatments. Coloured tattoo usually requires many more laser sessions to see good result.

Depend on the thickness of ink and area of treatment, most describe it as a rubber band snapping sensation. Numbing cream will be applied to minimise discomfort. Local anaesthesia injection can be given when needed.

Pico laser should not scar or damage the skin. Mild pinpoint bleeding, redness and swelling may follow and subside within 3-4 days. Sometimes blister may appear on the next day due to intense heat from the laser, it will subside within a week.

Tattoos don’t disappear after one session. It takes 5-10 sessions to fade significantly. After each session the tattoo will gradually lighten.

Depends on the size of tattoo, price range $200-500 per session.