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Sunekos Skinbooster

Sunekos skinbooster is a unique skin booster made up of hyaluronic acid & patented mix of 6 amino acids for collagen stimulation.

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Sunekos Skinbooster

Sunekos skinbooster is a unique skin booster made up of hyaluronic acid & patented mix of 6 amino acids for collagen stimulation.

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Sukenos skinbooster from Italy made up of Hyaluronic acid patented mix of 6 amino acids. It promotes extracellular matrix (ECM) regeneration for dermal tissues by stimulating fibroblast activities and collagen stimulation. 

Sukenos skinbooster utilises amino acid’s biological diversity and synergy, in combination with Hyaluronic acid, to restore skin’s health and physiological balance. Not only does it provides hydration, it reduces pores and acne scar.

How Does It Work?

Sukenos skinbooster is an injectable skin rejuvenation treatment that utilizes a proprietary formula of hyaluronic acid and amino acids to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the essential building blocks of healthy skin. Unlike traditional dermal fillers that physically plump the skin, Sukenos skinbooster works by activating the skin’s natural regenerative processes, leading to a more gradual and long-lasting improvement in skin texture, elasticity, and overall health.

What is Sunekos 200 Skinbooster?

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Sunekos 200 Skinbooster is a unique skin booster that promotes extracellular matrix (ECM) regeneration for the skin tissues. It does so by stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and Type IV collagen, the main structure elements of the matrix.

Its formulation consists of Hyaluronic Acid (200,000 Dalton) + specific mix patented formula of 6 Amino Acids (HY6AA). It is suitable for all kinds of skin types.

What Is Sunekos 1200 Skinbooster?

Sunekos 1200 Skinbooster is a skin booster with antioxidants properties that helps in treating more severe wrinkles and damaged skin. In addition, it has a medium-high density of 1,200,000 Dalton of Hyaluronic acid, which brings more hydration and protects fibroblasts and structural elements of the dermis. These antioxidants and hydration properties boosts the effects of Sunekos 200 Skinbooster. 

Sunekos 1200 Skinbooster can be used for those who wants more result especially in pores, acne scar and hydration.

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Benefits of Sunekos Skinbooster

Suitable Area of Use

Harnessing the synergy of hyaluronic acid and amino acids, Sunekos promotes collagen and elastin production, addressing various aesthetic concerns with natural and gradual results.

skin hydration

Boost Skin Hydration

Stimulates collagen and boosts skin hydration. Experience a surge in moisture levels, resulting in a plumper, more radiant complexion.

pore and scars

Pores & Acne Scars

Improving skin texture, achieve smoother and more refined skin with this targeted treatment.

dark circle and fine lines

Dark Eye Circles & Fine lines

Reveal brighter, refreshed eyes with this non-invasive approach to periorbital rejuvenation

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Neck & Décolletage

Lift and firmer profile in these often-neglected regions, harmonizing your overall rejuvenation.



Addressing volume loss and fine lines to estore a youthful appearance to your hands, reflecting vitality from head to fingertips.

FAQ for Sunekos Skinbooster

During the procedure, patients may experience mild discomfort, such as a slight stinging sensation. However, many find the treatment relatively tolerable. The use of topical numbing cream can enhance comfort.

The duration of the treatment depends on the specific area being treated and the number of injections required. Generally, sessions can last between 30 to 60 minutes.

Sukenos skinbooster is associated with minimal downtime. Patients can typically resume their regular activities immediately after the procedure. Some may experience minor redness or swelling, which usually resolves within a short period.

Results are often visible after the first session, with continued improvement over a few weeks. The full effects may become more apparent as collagen stimulation progresses.

The longevity of Sukenos skinbooster effects varies among individuals. Typically, results can last for several months. A maintenance schedule can be discussed with your healthcare provider to optimize and prolong the benefits.

Sukenos skinbooster is generally well-tolerated, and serious side effects are rare. Some individuals may experience temporary redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites. These effects are usually mild and transient.

After Sukenos skinbooster treatment, it’s advisable to avoid intense sun exposure, saunas, and vigorous exercise for the first 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, refrain from using makeup on the treated area for a few hours post-treatment.