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Nose Enhancement

Non-surgical nose enhancement to achieve your desired profile, with the use of nose filler embracing natural-looking results tailored to your unique features.

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Nose Enhancement

Non-surgical nose enhancement to achieve your desired profile, with the use of nose filler embracing natural-looking results tailored to your unique features.

Non-surgical nose enhancement can address issues such as nasal asymmetry, dorsal humps, and minor irregularities, providing immediate results with minimal discomfort

Nose enhancement also offers several benefits, including minimal invasiveness, affordability, and less downtime compared to traditional rhinoplasty procedures, making them an attractive option for those seeking temporary or subtle enhancements to their nasal appearance.

Non-surgical nose enhancement

Symmetrical, Balanced, Higher Nose Bridge With Nose Enhancement

The nose sits right in the center of the face that bridges all other facial features like the forehead, eyes, cheeks and mouth. It is the centerpiece of the entire face.

Nose enhancement is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for Asians as they have generally flatter nose bridges & broader nose shapes. Anyone who wants to appear more symmetrical, balanced, higher nose bridge or sharper nose should consider the treatment.

What is Non-surgical Nose Enhancement?

Nose enhancement refers to aesthetic procedures aimed at refining and reshaping the nasal features for a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance. Popular techniques in Singapore is nose filler treatments.

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Who Need Nose Enhancement?

Nose enhancement which is a non surgical nose job is a versatile solution catering to individuals with various aesthetic concerns related to their nasal features. Those who may benefit from the treatment include:

Nose Aesthetic Dissatisfaction

Aesthetic Dissatisfaction

Individuals who are dissatisfied with the shape, symmetry, or proportions of their nose

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Nose Hump

Individuals with nose hump or irregular nose contouring

nose enhancement loss of volume

Flat Nose

Individuals with flat or low nose bridge

nose enhancement Asymmetry or Imbalance

Desire for Non-Invasive Solutions

Individuals who prefer non-invasive procedures over surgical interventions

What Are The Benefits of Non-surgical Nose Lift?

Nose enhancement is a versatile solution catering to individuals who are looking for a non-surgical nose job in Singapore. Those who may benefit from the treatment include:



Tailored solutions to address specific concerns and achieve individual aesthetic goals.


Quick and Convenient

Treatments are typically quick, with minimal discomfort, making them convenient options for individuals with busy schedules.


Minimal Downtime

Patients can usually resume normal activities shortly after the procedure, as there is minimal downtime.


Natural-Looking Results

Both techniques aim to provide natural-looking results, enhancing facial features without appearing overdone.



Procedures can address various aesthetic concerns, from refining the nasal bridge to lifting and defining the tip.

Achieve A Higher Nose Bridge

Take the first step towards a sharper nose, higher nose bridge and enhancing your facial harmony. Schedule a consultation today to explore how our non surgical nose enhancement services can elevate and refine your unique features.

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What is Nose Filler?

Nose filler is a gel that can be used to fill up the depressions and smoothen out any sharp angles. It is made up of hyaluronic acid or agarose gel, which are excellent in enhancing the projection of sharper nose tip as well as achieving a higher nose bridge. It is reversible as they can be dissolved by an enzyme called hyalase.

Nose Filler Treatment Process

Enhance your nose with our nose filler procedure by our experienced doctor.

nose filler Consultation


Discuss your nose concerns, goals & expectations with doctor and customise a treatment plan.

nose lift preparation


Prepare for procedure with numbing cream by our staffs.

nose filler Procedure


Quick and painless non-surgical nose lift procedure by our experience doctor.

FAQ for Non-surgical Nose Enhancement

If you want a sharper nose without surgery or higher nose bridge, nose filler will be suitable. Consult our doctor for a more accurate assessment.

Both nose fillers can last for 18 months. 

It is not painful as there will be local anesthesia applied before procedure.

No downtime for nose filler.

Avoid rubbing your nose and strenuous exercise for 3 days. Do not consume raw food/seafood to reduce inflammation.

Male and female who are looking for non-invasive, no-downtime and reversible treatment.

It is not permanent unlike surgical nose job. You may wait for a few months for them to disappear naturally or have the nose filler reversed by hyaluronidase enzyme.

During consultation, our doctor will assess your individual needs and provide a personalized quote based on your desired outcomes.