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Whitening (underarms)

Achieve smoother, brighter-looking underarms with our safe, effective armpit whitening solutions.

Whitening (underarms) treatment clinic in singapore

Whitening (underarms)

Achieve smoother, brighter-looking underarms with our safe, effective armpit whitening solutions.

Darkening of underarms and bikini areas can occur due to shaving, waxing, friction, antiperspirants, hormones, and genetics. This can cause embarrassment and affect confidence.

Whitening (underarms) Concern

The underarms and bikini region are prone to developing darker pigmentation for several reasons. Shaving and waxing frequently can cause the melanin-producing cells to become hyperactive leading to excess pigment.

What causes underarm darkening?

Skin irritation and friction from tight clothing rubs away the top layers and contributes to darker appearance over time. The aluminum salts in antiperspirants are also thought to stain the underarms.

Hormonal fluctuations during puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy stimulate melanin production and discoloration as well.

Genetics play a major role too. Those with darker complexions have more active melanocytes so the underarms and pubic zone can be naturally darker.

Regardless of exact cause, dark underarms and bikini lines can make people reluctant to wear certain fashions like sleeveless tops or swimwear.

Whitening (underarms) Treatment

Laser such as Clarity or Pico can gradually reduce excess pigmentation by targeting the melanin responsible for the darkening. Patients achieve smooth, brightened armpits and groin.

Pico Laser The Ultra-Short Pulse Technology for Pigmentation Removal

Pico Laser

The Pico laser safely and effectively clears dark underarms and bikini lines by targeting and breaking up excess pigment responsible for the discoloration.

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Clarity II Laser

Clarity II laser gently removes dark pigmented cells under the arms and in the groin by targeting melanin with its 755nm Alexandrite (red light) laser. Clarity II laser is also effective for hair removal at the same time.

FAQ for Whitening (underarms)

Lasers such as Pico and Clarity II both works well for treating underarm pigmentation. Clarity II also effectively remove hairs at the same time.
Yes, laser treatments like Pico or Clarity II can safely and effectively achieve long-term lightening of dark underarms and groin.
No, Pico and Clarity II lasers are very tolerable procedures. Minimal discomfort may be felt and hence no anesthesia required. Some redness may follow which will subsides within a day.
For optimal lightening of darker underarms, most patients need 10 laser sessions spaced 4 weeks apart.
Cost depends on the area and machines used. It ranges between $200-300 per session for underarms.