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Hair Removal

Achieve smooth, hair-free skin with our fast, safe laser hair removal solutions that prevent regrowth for long-lasting results.
Hair Removal treatment clinic in singapore

Hair Removal

Achieve smooth, hair-free skin with our fast, safe laser hair removal solutions that prevent regrowth for long-lasting results.

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Excess hair growth can be embarrassing and lower self-confidence. Traditional methods only provide temporary relief while frequent shaving or waxing can worsen growth over time.


Why Hair Removal Treatment

For many people, excess hair growth in undesirable locations like the upper lip, chin, armpit or bikini area can be embarrassing and lower self-confidence. Visible hair growth in women is often viewed as unfeminine and unflattering.

While genetics play a major role in determining hair patterns, an excess of androgens can trigger increased growth in both females and males. Hormone changes from polycystic ovary syndrome or menopause may also stimulate more visible hair.

Traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing and plucking only offer temporary relief of a few days to weeks. Frequent shaving can worsen growth over time by increasing the density and thickness of hair regrowth.

Hair Removal Treatment

Hair removal treatments like Clarity Laser, BroadBand Light and Intense Pulsed Light provide a lasting solution to prevent regrowth for long-lasting results. Laser energy destroys the hair follicle so it cannot produce new hair.

A series of treatments can reduce hair by up to 95% on most body areas, freeing you from constant hair removal maintenance.

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BroadBand Light (BBL)

The BroadBand Light treatment uses selective photothermolysis to target hair follicles without damaging surrounding skin. BBL removes unwanted hair fast for body and face.

clarity 2 laser treatment

Clarity II Laser

Clarity laser uses a high-speed 755 nm alexandrite (red light) laser to destroy hair follicles at their roots. It effectively prevents regrowth on all skin tones for up to 95% permanent hair reduction.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light treatments use a broad spectrum of light wavelengths to remove hair. IPL is not suitable for darker skin type as it will cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

FAQ for Hair Removal Treatments

All three light therapy options (Clarity laser, BBL, IPL) effectively provide long-term hair reduction. Choice depends most on skin tone, hair color, and treatment areas.
Laser hair removal provides permanent results of up to 95% when treatments are continued until hair follicles are fully disabled.
Cost largely depends on machines, hair density and area. Cost range from $200-400 per session.
Most patients tolerate the laser treatments well. Some minor discomfort may be felt during the treatment. Hair shaving 1-2 days before the laser will help reduce the discomfort and redness.
Most patients require 6-8 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal long-term reduction. Maintenance may be needed 1-2 times annually to disable regrowth.
Laser hair removal can be done once hair growth begins, usually in the teen years. However, hormones may still cause fluctuations in growth patterns until the late twenties.
The hairs take time to regrow. Too frequent laser will cause skin irritation.