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our doctor dr wong kee seng kowayo aesthetic

Dr Wong Kee Seng

Dr Wong Kee Seng is the founder and Medical Director of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic, which was established since 2014.

Having obtained his post-graduate qualification MRCP from the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom (UK), Dr KS Wong further pursued his special interest in dermatology and completed his study in Diploma of Practical Dermatology in Cardiff, UK.

Not only a physician recognised by Singapore Medical Council (SMC), Dr KS Wong is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Being one of the pioneer doctors to introduce Ellansé (innovative filler with collagen stimulator) from Europe to Singapore, he was assigned as the regional trainer for Ellansé in 2017. Dr Wong is also a trainer for Dysport and Restylane filler

A seasoned veteran in the aesthetic arena, Dr Wong will customize fuss-free non-invasive procedures to achieve your ideal look. Entrust your beauty desires in the hands of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic today to rediscover your splendor.

His Passion & Attitude

Driven by his constant thirst for new aesthetic knowledge, Dr KS Wong travels frequently for conferences to keep himself updated and his skills sharp. He places great importance in seeking high quality products and latest technology to ensure good efficacy for his patients.

Dr KS Wong serves his patients at heart and treats everyone with respect and sincerity. Fluent in several languages (English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese and Hokkein), he readily connects with patients with his easy-going nature and amicable disposition. He believes in building long term doctor-patient relationship, and is deeply honoured for the trust placed in him.

Besides having a deep passion for aesthetic medicine, Dr KS Wong is also an avid traveller and meditator.

His Expertise

With more than 14 years of clinical experience, Dr KS Wong believes in his expertise and qualifications to deliver in the modern aesthetic field. Having an eye for beauty, Dr KS Wong’s key specialties are Dark Eyes Circles, Ellanse, Nose Augmentation as well as Non-Surgical Facelifting.

our doctor dr annie tan kowayo aesthetic

Dr Annie Tan

Dr. Annie Tan is a skilled and compassionate physician, registered with Singapore Medical Council (SMC). She obtained her medical degree in Malaya University. She has accumulated valuable experience in General Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics, making her a well-rounded practitioner in the field of medicine.

Driven by a passion for beauty and anti-aging, Dr. Annie pursued further expertise by becoming a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. With her wealth of experience, artistic eye, and caring nature, she is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, all while ensuring your well-being is at the forefront of every treatment.

Her Passion & Attitude

Dr. Annie’s approach to aesthetics is marked by a commitment to natural-looking outcomes. Her philosophy revolves around a holistic approach, blending the latest advancements in aesthetic treatments, personalized skincare regimens, and valuable lifestyle advice. Patient education, treatment efficacy, and safety are her top priorities, ensuring that every patient feels well-informed and comfortable throughout their aesthetic journey.

Beyond her medical expertise, Dr. Annie is proficient in multiple languages – English, Chinese, Malay, and Cantonese. This linguistic prowess allows her to communicate effectively with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds, making every individual feel understood and valued.

Her Hobby

Being an avid traveller, Dr. Annie finds joy in exploring various cultures and heritage, gaining valuable insights that enrich her interactions with patients. As a connoisseur of food and coffee, she delights in indulging in the diverse culinary experiences that the world has to offer.