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V-shaped Face

Define and contour your face for a slimmer V-shape with our personalized treatment solutions

V-shaped Face

Define and contour your face for a slimmer V-shape with our personalized treatment solutions

Define and contour your facial structure to achieve a slimmer, sharper V-shaped face through our customized treatment solutions. Genetics, aging, and excess buccal fat pad volume can blur the delicate facial contours and hide your natural V-shaped facial structure.

V-shaped Face Concerns

The desirable V-shaped face has a gently tapered jawline that forms an inverted triangle. However certain factors can obscure this delicate facial contour and make the structure appear more rounded and square-shaped.

Facial anatomy is partly genetic. Some people naturally have a wider, more square jaw rather than a slim petite one. Excess volume in the buccal fat pads along the cheeks and jawline can widen the lower face.

As we age, skin elasticity is lost and tissues sag. The jaw and chin definition becomes obscured by jowls and skin loosening. Facial fat descends, contributing to a rounder visage.

Weight gain can also blur facial features as excess fat accumulates along the jaw, chin and neck. This conceals the natural V-line.

Treatments to achieve V-shaped Face

For those desiring a slimmer oval face with a sharper V-shaped definition, treatments like Botox, Ultherapy, HIFU and fillers can refine and reveal the proportions without surgery.

They work to gently firm and tighten the contours, relax muscular width, and enhance the facial dimensions. Patients can attain a delicately slim profile with a youthful structure.


Strategic injections of Botox relax the masseter muscles along the jaw to slim a wide or square lower face for a slimmer oval shape.

Ultherapy treatment clinic Kowayo Singapore


FDA approved device using focused ultrasound to stimulate deep tissue lifting and tightening the whole face along the jawline to better define the V-shape facial contour.

V-shaped Face - hifu


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound targets various facial depths to firm skin and reshape the structure. It helps to define the jawline and lifts sagging tissues.

V-shaped Face - chin filler

Chin Filler

Injectable fillers augment and sculpt the chin to make it appear more prominent. This balances facial proportions for an ideal inverted triangular look.

FAQ for V-shaped Face

It is recommended that combination treatments enhance results. Jaw Botox slimming combined with Ultherapy or HIFU skin tightening provides very nice contouring to slim down large jaw muscles and lift the face. Chin fillers help to augment the chin and make the overall face more v-shaped. Many combine treatments for optimal shaping.

Ultherapy and Thermage lasts 1-2 years typically before a maintenance session is needed. Botox slimming lasts around 6 months. Fillers last longer around 12 – 18 months or more depending on the brand.
It’s a combination of treatments to slim the lower face, refine the jawline, lift sagging tissues, and enhance facial dimensions for an inverted triangle look.

Ultherapy, HIFU, Thermage have no downtime but may cause some tingling sensation during the session. Jaw BTX may result in mild soreness for a few days. There is generally no to little downtime.

For non-surgical V face procedures, our treatment includes Jaw BTX, Ultherapy/HIFU skin lifting, Thermage face contouring and chin fillers. These treatments can provide effective yet natural V-shaping with no surgery needed.