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Stretch Marks & Cellulites

Stretch marks & cellulite can be a major concern for many. Our customized treatments can help repair, smooth and tighten affected areas.

Stretch Marks & Cellulites treatment singapore

Stretch Marks & Cellulites

Stretch marks & cellulite can be a major concern for many. Our customized treatments can help repair, smooth and tighten affected areas.

Weight fluctuations, growth spurts, and pregnancy can cause rapid stretching that tears the dermis resulting in uneven, indented skin and purple striated marks.

Stretch Marks & Cellulites Concern

Stretch marks form when the dermis layer of the skin is stretched beyond its limits of elasticity, tearing the connective fibers that give skin its structure. This commonly occurs during growth spurts, pregnancy, and significant weight changes.

When the body expands rapidly, the dermis struggles to keep up, resulting in perpendicular tearing of the collagen and elastin networks. These streaks of stretch marks start off reddish or purplish due to blood vessel damage under the skin.

Eventually, stretch marks fade to a silvery-white color, but the indented streaks remain. They typically develop on common areas such as the belly, breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Cellulite also results from decreased skin elasticity that causes fat to push through the connective tissue, creating a dimpled, uneven texture. It is exacerbated by poor circulation and inflammation which can be contributed by hormones and genetics.

Causes of Stretch Marks & Cellulites

Stretch marks and cellulite are often attributed to various factors that impact the skin’s elasticity and structure.

Rapid growth during adolescence, significant weight fluctuations, and the physical changes associated with pregnancy are primary contributors. These events cause the dermis to stretch beyond its natural limits, resulting in the tearing of connective fibers and the development of uneven, indented skin and purple striated marks.

Genetics also plays a crucial role, in determining an individual’s predisposition to these concerns. Hormonal changes, particularly during puberty and pregnancy, further influence the skin’s resilience. Additionally, a decrease in skin elasticity due to aging can exacerbate cellulite, as fat pushes through connective tissue, creating a dimpled, uneven texture. 

Stretch Marks & Cellulites Treatment

Both stretch marks and cellulite have a different texture compared to surrounding skin. But new procedures involving energy-based technologies and collagen-stimulating skin solutions can help repair, smooth and tighten these affected areas.

Profhilo treatment


This injectable hyaluronic acid treatment deeply hydrates the skin while stimulating elastin and collagen remodeling to improve elasticity and tighten lax skin. It also helps to reduce stretch marks and cellulites.

sunekos treatment


Sunekos treatment regenerates collagen and strengthens the dermis, reducing the depressions of cellulite and stripes of stretch marks for smoother skin texture.

thermage flx treatment in Singapore

Thermage FLX

Powerful radiofrequency heat remodels collagen fibers under the skin's surface to improve texture, firmness and the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

secret rf treatment

Secret RF

Microneedling with radiofrequency energy induces new collagen production to restructure skin which smoothen and soften the look of stretch marks. It also tightens and firms dimpled cellulite areas.

FAQ for Stretch Marks & Cellulites Treatment

Thermage FLX, Microneedling RF and Venus Legacy use RF energy to tighten skin & reduce Injectable treatment such as Profhilo skinbooster is also effective. Combinations are recommended for optimal improvements.

Cellulite treatments like Thermage FLX, Secret RF, Profhilo, and Sunekos can significantly reduce lumpy skin. Maintaining weight, staying hydrated, and massage helps too.

No treatment can eliminate stretch marks 100%, but laser resurfacing and microneedling can dramatically improve their appearance and texture over time.
Cellulite cannot be cured completely. But body contouring devices like Thermage and Venus Legacy can smooth and minimize its appearance long term. Some mild cellulite may return eventually.
Being thin does not preclude cellulite. Factors like genetics, hormones, muscle mass, and fat distribution affect how prone you are to cellulite on the stomach, hips, and thighs.
Genetics largely determine your susceptibility. Rapid growth or weight fluctuations further tax the skin’s elasticity. Pregnancy, weight gain/loss, and hormonal factors contribute to stretch marks and cellulite.
White, older stretch marks are harder to improve than red, recent ones. Microneedling combined with laser resurfacing and chemical peels help challenging older marks most.