Kowayo Liquid FaceLift

A facelift treatment is generally done to reduce signs of aging. These can be wrinkles, saggy cheeks and fine lines. Facelift treatments in Singapore are even able to rectify droopy eyelids. However, patients are to […]

SIGNATURE Nose Fillers

Few people are born with perfect contours, but luckily we are able to reshape our features under the hands of a skilled doctor. By today’s beauty standards, a perfect nose […]

Jaw Slimming: Non-surgical Reduction

Achieve a natural looking V-shaped face with Kowayo’s Non-Surgical Jaw Slimming procedure. This treatment is suitable for faces that are bigger at the jaws, often caused by bulky masseter muscles causing […]

SIGNATURE The Sygmalift Facelift

The Sygmalift facelift is Kowayo’s newest addition to its repertoire of non-invasive yet effective face lifting treatments.
It uses a combination therapy to give high performance skin lifting, providing faster treatment with greater precision […]

Dewy Shine Ellanse

Rejuvenate your appearance Kowayo’s latest collagen stimulation and wrinkles removal treatment Dewy Shine Ellanse (少女针) is a specially designed Collagen Stimulating treatment for lifting the cheeks, forehead, chin, tear trough area. It is also […]

SIGNATURE Tired Eye Correction

Dark eye circles or dark eye rings are the dark/black shadow that can appear beneath and around our eyes. This condition results in a tired and listless appearance and often […]

About Us

At Kowayo, we pride ourselves on the provision of comfortable and personalized service for the busy professional. Achieve your beauty ideal under the care of our conscientious doctor, Dr Wong Kee Seng, a physician registered under the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Our Kowayo signature dark eyes circle treatment reduces dark eye rings and can be combined with other treatments to treat droopy eyelid conditions.

Kowayo is also proud to be one of the selected clinics in Singapore that provides the collagen stimulating treatment, Ellanse. This unique facelift treatment with Ellanse helps in wrinkles reduction and provides a long-lasting facelift effect.

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