Secret RF

Fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered through microneedles to reach the deeper layers of the skin. It can smoothen acne scar, shrink pores and reduce eye bag.

Secret RF

Secret RF uses fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered through microneedles to reach the deeper layers of the skin. It can smoothen acne scar, shrink pores and reduce eye bag.

How It Works?

RF is a form of electrical energy, and it is used to carefully heat the skin dermis to 50 – 75 ºC which is the temperature required for the stimulation of collagen synthesis.


The micro-needles (25-pin) in Secret RF can be calibrated at various depths (0.5-3.5mm), allowing specific tailoring for different areas and concerns. E.g. thin skin areas at under eyes and forehead will require shallower penetration (0.5mm) compared to thicker skin areas like the cheeks (2mm).

During each shot of the treatment, the 25-pin micro-needles will create 25 microscopic punctures at the depth of choice (0-5-3.5mm). Then, RF energy delivered via the tiny needles deep into the skin dermis layer, transmitting heat to stimulate collagen and elastin. This subsequently rebuilds and strengthens the skin’s support system.

eye bag & double chin reduction

eye bag microneedling treatment

Secret RF has a single needle handpiece which can penetrate deep into the fat layer and deliver RF energy to induce lipolysis (fat melting). Hence it is effective in reducing eye bag fats, jowl fats and double chin fats.


It is also used for the subcision of acne scars. Subcision is a procedure to break and release the fibrotic strands that tether the scar down to the underlying tissue.

Secret RF treatment clinic singapore

Is Secret RF safe?

Secret RF is safe and can achieve significant results without the need of using aggressive skin resurfacing lasers or harsh chemical peels. Since the energy is delivered directly to the deeper dermis, damage to the skin’s surface is minimal, thus reducing visible downtime.


Secret RF is a microneedling treatment that combines the use of fine, insulated needles and radio frequency (RF) energy to heat and effectively reach the deeper layers of the skin. It can smoothen acne scars, shrink pores and reduce eye bag.

It is designed to stimulate and remodel collagen in a non-surgical way. It is suitable for patients who wish to revitalize and refresh the appearance of their skin for all skin types, including acne scars, shrink pores and skin firming. Secret RF also comes with a single needle handpiece which is designed for fat burning (for eye bag and double chin).

It takes one month to see improvement of acne scar,s pores, eye bag or double chin.

Numbing cream application takes 20-30 minutes, followed by another 10-15 minutes for the procedure. Doctor will adjust the energy level and depth accordingly to keep the discomfort level at minimal.

Erythema (redness) for about half a day after receiving Secret RF is expected. Over the next 4-5 days, some people may have mild scab formation (wound crust) which is part of the healing process. The scab will fall naturally and avoid picking them to prevent infection or prolonged downtime.

Results can last for many years in general. In fact, Secret RF is one of the longest-lasting non-surgical cosmetic treatments. However, due to ongoing ageing, maintenance treatment every 3 months is recommended.

It depends on individual’s conditions which need to be assessed by our doctor. Ideally, patients should undergo at least 5 sessions, 3 weeks apart to achieve long-lasting results.

Cleanse your skin gently without scrubbing and put hydration mask at night for the next 3-4 days. Avoid sun exposure for at least 1 week after the treatment.

Yes you can wear make up on the next day, remove the makeup thoroughly at night.