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Pico laser has become the gold standard for tattoo removal due to its excellent efficiency and safety.

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Pico Laser Tattoo Removal

Traditionally, tattoo ink being targeted by Q-switched laser will be ‘melted’ and then be removed by the body.. Pico laser, being the most powerful laser in its class, is able to shatter the tattoo ink into much smaller particles before melting it away. This shattering effect (photo-acoustic) is due to high power + ultrafast pulse of Pico laser. 


The number of treatment sessions required is also significantly reduced as compared to the use of traditional laser, e.g. a black ink tattoo requires 10 sessions of traditional laser can be removed with Pico laser in just 3-4 sessions.

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Keep in mind that tattoo ink of green, yellow, and red may require more sessions compared to black and blue ink. Apart from the colors of tattoo ink, number of treatments also depend on the skin color and the depth of the ink.

HOw does pico laser tattoo removal works

Other lasers promise the treatment of pores, acne scars and blemishes. However, only Pico Laser technology can deliver impressive results for tattoo removal. 


With Pico Laser, there is no special preparation and the procedures usually take about 5-10 minutes. Most people experience tolerable pain and describe it as feeling like a rubber band snapping, but your treatment will include numbing cream to minimize any possible discomfort. After treatment, the majority of patients experience 1-2 days of minor swelling and redness.


With Pico Laser technology, removing tattoo pigments is more convenient than ever before.

Fast & gentle treatment means that you do not need to disrupt your busy life to make real improvements.

Minimum swelling or redness

Minimal swelling or redness due to the precision of the ultra-short pulses that target just the tattoo ink and avoid damage to the surrounding skin.


No need to cover up

With limited side effects like swelling and redness, Pico laser tattoo removal allows patients to resume normal activities without the need to cover up treatment sites or hide during the fading process.


No need to skip work or leisure activities

Pico laser tattoo removal involves minimal downtime, patients can typically return to work, leisure, and other activities without needing to take time off.

Pico laser is effective for


Black Ink

With its ability to shatter pigment particles, Pico laser is highly effective at removing stubborn black tattoo ink which gradually fades away over successive treatments.


Multi-colored tattoos such as red and green

Effectively treat multi-colored tattoos containing challenging pigments like red and green by heating and fracturing the ink particles into tiny fragments that are eliminated by the body.

Stubborn, previously treated tattoos

Even the most stubborn, previously treated tattoos can be gradually faded and removed with Pico laser by break down ink particles regardless of past unsuccessful efforts.

Risks and Side Effects of Pico Laser Treatment

is pico laser is the right laser for me?

As a revolutionary skin technology leader in the field of tattoo removal, Pico laser is able to treat all colors of tattoo ink on patients of all skin-types, so it’s very likely that Pico laser could work for you!


Plus, Pico laser has been shown to remove tattoos in fewer treatments compared to traditional Nd-Yag laser. So speak to Dr Wong about a treatment plan that is right for you.

FAQ for Pico laser Tattoo Removal

With adequate numbing cream, the discomfort is tolerable. The discomfort is much lesser than getting the tattoo itself.

Black/blue ink requires 3-4 sessions, other colors may need at least 10 sessions. Pico laser can be repeated every 3-4 weeks.

Mild redness, swelling and oozing are expected. The oozing will stop within hours and redness may stay for 4-5 days.

Pico laser works by shattering and melting the tattoo ink, without harming the surrounding skin. Hence, no scar will be seen after the treatment.

Recovery times generally takes 2-5 days depending on the skin’s healing ability, the depth and size of the tattoo.

The usual treatment intervals are 4-6 weeks for tattoo removal.

Yes, this is to prevent worsening of skin pigment.

To protect skin, melanin is produced to act as a sort of natural sunscreen. Since the Pico laser targets excess melanin/tattoo ink, getting a darker tan may interfere with treatment.

After laser treatments, the skin is more vulnerable to sunlight so minimizing sun exposure and use of sunscreen of at least SPF30+ is recommended.