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Tips To Choose The Best Clinic For Your Aesthetic Treatment

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When it comes to choosing the right clinic for an aesthetic treatment, it is easy to get confused.


After all, there are so many options available out there. But you will find it much easier to choose among the plethora of options available if you know exactly what you are looking for.


Below are a few tips that would help you choose the clinic that would best suit your aesthetic treatment needs.


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Figure out what you want from your treatment

No one can understand your requirements better than yourself. Hence, you need to figure out what are the facial or body aspects that you want to undertake treatment for.
Generally there are 3 aspects of aesthetic needs:


a) Anti-ageing

If you are noticing signs of ageing and want an anti-ageing treatment, then you would have to visit a clinic that specialises in anti-ageing treatments. Below are some of the most prominent anti-ageing treatments. You would have to choose a clinic that specialises in any or all of the below-mentioned treatments:



b) Facial Features Enhancement

If you are looking to enhance your face features then you would have to choose a clinic that specialises in features enhancement. Some of the common feature enhancement treatments are as follow:



c) Skin Textures Improvement

Another aspect of aesthetic treatments are skin textures improvement or reduce pigmentation. These require specific machines that only a clinic with a specialisation in that particular treatment can accomplish. Some of the common skin texture treatments or machines include:



Hence, when it comes to choosing, the biggest factor is to consider what is the purpose behind your visit to the clinic.



Find a well-established and regulated clinic

It is often witnessed nowadays that several beauty salons and non-medical clinics have started to administer cosmetic procedures such as botox, filler or thread. Even though aesthetics treatments seems easy, there is always a risk when it comes to injectables.


Botox, filler and thread are considered medicine or medical-related substance, they are under control and regulation by governmental body such as FDA (in the US), and HSA (in Singapore).


What this means is that instead of getting your aesthetic treatment from an amateur, you should choose a clinic where medical professionals administer procedures are registered with Medical Council. In Singapore, you may check the qualification of the doctor here



Advantages of choosing a well-established and regulated clinic 

Below are a few reasons why it is advantageous to choose an established and regulated clinic:


  • You would receive standardised care in an established clinic. Particularly in the case of more intense treatments that involve downtime or potential complications, it becomes extremely crucial to get proper follow up and post treatment care.
  • No one wants things to go wrong, but sometimes aesthetic treatments do present difficulties, or unwanted side effects. Professionals have in-depth knowledge and information that prepares them for such contingencies. A registered and licensed professional would be able to tell if you are having an ordinary reaction or do you require immediate medical attention. With a professional, you don’t have to worry about such emergencies, and you are in safe hands.
  • The non-medical saloon is often ill-equipped to provide high-quality product or treatments. In their attempt to offer you the cheapest treatment on the market, they often make compromises that they shouldn’t, which may jeopardise your treatment quality. If your priority is to get the best possible results from your treatment then you shouldn’t take the risk of getting it done from just anywhere. You must look for a well-established clinic that follows all the safety protocols and deliver consistent results.




Receive treatment locally may be a better option

The idea of getting a nice change of scenery, while you are getting a nice makeover of yourself, could be quite tempting. But often not everything is as rosy as it seems. Especially when it comes to getting an aesthetic treatment abroad, things are often quite different from what you have imagined.


There are a host of things that you should take into account before taking a flight to any of the heavily marketed beauty destinations around the globe. Particularly, if you are planning to undergo a complex cosmetic procedure or hair transplant, then going abroad may not be a prudent choice. How so? Well, consider this-


Post-treatment care and attention

Many complex cosmetic procedures require robust aftercare. Hence, you shouldn’t jeopardise your health and safety during the recovery phase by undergoing complex procedures overseas. Especially if you are travelling alone, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in a situation where you are vulnerable. Moreover, you may also feel inconvenience and expensive while staying abroad for a much longer duration.


Language barrier

If you are not able to communicate your requirements properly to the practitioner, you won’t be able to blame them if anything goes haywire afterwards. Similarly, people who are in charge of your pre and post-treatment care should also be able to understand your questions and provide answers in a language that you would understand.


Follow up issues

If you choose to get the procedure or hair transplant done abroad but continue the follow up back in your residing country, there could be a gap within the equipment and skills of foreign and local practitioners. Your local doctor may not familiar with the machine or products being used in overseas.




Hopefully, you will find the above tips useful in choosing the best clinic for your aesthetic treatment.


Receiving treatment locally, in a well-established clinic and from a qualified and licensed professional medical doctor is your best bet to ensure that you would get nothing but the best, and more importantly safe aesthetic treatment.



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