Do Non-Surgical Solution for Dark Eye Circles Actually Work?

With the dynamically changing lifestyle and increased screen hours, the concern of dark circles has become very common. Dark eye circles can also be caused by genetic grounds as well. A lot of people suffer from dark eye circles which ultimately make them look tired and old. There are a variety of cosmetic products available in the market to treat this issue but the harsh reality is that they are not as effective in most cases.

Next comes, surgical methods and non-surgical methods to treat dark eye circles. But surgical methods can be very invasive along with a lot of incorporated potential risks. That’s why non-surgical methods like under-eye fillers are getting very popular nowadays on account of being non-invasive and efficient at the same time. Several people raise the concern whether non-surgical methods are an effective solution for dark eye circles or not. In today’s blog, we will scrutinize this bone of contention.

What Are Under Eyes Filler?

Under-eye fillers are hyaluronic acid-based substances that are injected in the areas which lack volume under the eyes that result in the appearance of dark eye circles. This alleviates the dark and sunken part under the eyes which creates hollow structures of crescent shape. These under-eye fillers do a great job in making your eyes look well-rested and brighter. These fillers can be incorporated for one year without renewing. You should definitely give under-eye fillers a try if you are tackling with:

Best Under Eye Fillers for Curing Dark Circles  

Under-eye fillers are categorized in four sections;

Among all these varieties, HA fillers are considered the best for treating dark circles and sunken eye appearance. This is due to the nature of HA filler being softer and smoother for thin skin area such as under eye. For PLLA and Ellanse, they need to be placed deep in the skin and minimal quantity to avoid lumpy appearance. For Fat transfer, it is important to choose a good quality fat to be placed at undereye area to prevent irregular skin surface.

Redensity II is being called ‘under-eye-circle-fighter’ and considered the best HA filler for under eye, according to the experts. It is a derivative safe product of hyaluronic acid which is CE marked and FDA approved. It helps in retaining moisture as well as the luminosity of the under-eye areas. it is highly specialized for sensitive skin associated with thin layered epidermis. The components of Redensity II include a powerful combination of hyaluronic acid along with amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants which help in battling the dark circle. It provides a very natural-looking appearance after injecting and does not show water retention swelling effects.

Are Under Eye Fillers Effective?

Eye fillers are the best alternative for any surgical method to cure dark circles. They target directly the region below your lid for alleviating the shadows of the dark circles. The targeted treatment of under-eye fillers make them the prioritized choice of the doctors as well as people. The ingredient of hyaluronic acid provide hydration and moisture content which is responsible for building the volume in the sunken regions of the eye. When the filler sets under the eyes after injecting, it spreads like a sponge and holds the moisture molecules, this ultimately begins the process of filling hollow parts of the dark eye circles making them look plumper and brighter.

How Under Eye Fillers Are Better Than Other Treatments?

There are other various available methods to cure under-eye circles like several cosmetic products, laser, surgery etc. After considering various determining factors one can say that under-eye fillers have more advantages in the account. The under-eye fillers especially HA fillers are better than other treatments of dark circles because;

Dark eye circles may not look pleasant and tarnish your facial appearance by making your eyes look dull and old. There are various ways available to get rid of them among which under-eye HA fillers can be named as the best alternative. They provide an upper hand because of their painless application, reversible nature, and effective results. HA fillers are best for enhancing volume under the eyes and making them look more youthful. Redensity II is a special HA filler which comes as the first choice of experts for treating under-eye bags and dark circles.