Kowayo dark eye circles treatment

Dark eye circles or dark eye rings are the dark/black shadow that can appear beneath and around our eyes. This condition results in a tired and listless appearance and often requires heavier make-up in order to conceal it.

Looking for answers on how to get rid of dark eye circles? Our Kowayo signature, Tired Eye Correction is a treatment for dark eye circles that targets the tear trough area just beneath the eyes where a shadow or dark ring often gives the appearance of tiredness.

Signature: Dark Eye Circles Treatment

In many cases, simple skincare products or eye serum application will not be able to help with this under-eye hollowness and discoloration.

Dr Wong delicately carries out this dark eye circles treatment using innovative light-weight HA fillers to rejuvenate and lighten the condition; the perfect solution for those of us wondering how to reduce puffy eyes and dark eye circles. By adding just the right amount of volume, the tear trough is plumped up, improving fine lines as well as the dark shadowing around the area.

The result of this treatment is a long-lasting effect that drastically reduces (and in many cases, completely eliminates) the patient’s dark eye rings. Dark eye circles treatments do not have to be expensive or painful.

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Revitalize Your Eyes Non-Surgically

• Remove your eye-bags
• Fix dark eye circles
• No bruising or swelling
• Non-surgical

 Priced Affordably From $599/-

At Kowayo, we pride ourselves on the provision of comfortable and personalized service for the busy professional. Achieve your beauty ideal under the care of our conscientious doctor, Dr Wong Kee Seng, a physician registered under the Singapore Medical Council (SMC).