Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic Tired Eye Correction

Dark eye circles or dark eye rings can appear as shadows below or around the eyes.

Looking for answers on how to get rid of dark eye circles? Our Kowayo signature, Tired Eye Correction targets the tear trough area just beneath the eyes where a shadow or dark-eye circle often gives the appearance of tiredness.

In many cases, simple skincare products or eye serum application will not be able to help with this under-eye hollowness and discoloration. Patients will generally require a complete dark eye circles treatment to rectify the issue.

Singapore Dark Eye Circles Treatment

The Kowayo Tired-Eye Correction is a dark eye rings treatment that uses innovative techniques to rejuvenate and lighten the condition; solution for those of us wondering how to reduce puffy eyes and dark eye circles. Immediately after the treatment for your dark eye rings, the tear trough is plumped up, improving fine lines as well as the dark shadowing around the area although individual results can vary.

Successful treatment will reduce the dark eye rings that make you look tired and restore your youthful look. Reduce or eliminate the dark eye rings and reduce eyebags quickly*.

Get an effective dark eye circles treatment in Singapore*. For a no-obligatory consultation and assessment of your condition, call us at 6884 4297 today.

*individual results may vary

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