Secret RF is a fractional radio frequency (RF) micro needling system designed to stimulate & remodel collagen caused by acne scaring and aging. By adjusting the length of the micro-needles, Secret RF can deliver energy at various depths. The purpose of this is to ensure that each patient’s individual conditions can be treated accordingly.

What is Secret™ RF?

Secret™ RF is a microneedling device that allows the user to control the exact depth of penetration from 0.5mm to 3.5mm and applying controlled RF energy into targeted areas.

How does Secret™ RF work?

In order to improve conditions such as acne scarring, Secret™ RF uses RF microneedling to enhance the traditional treatment of microneedling by incorporating radiofrequency energy. RF energy is designed to be delivered via the tiny needles deep into the dermis. RF energy enhances the process of skin tightening and scar reduction by heating up underlying layers of the skin causing stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Due to the RF energy being delivered deep into the dermis, our skin can produce collagen and elastin at a much faster rate giving better results.

Suitable For:

SECRET™ RF treatment is commonly used for Acne scar issues.

With its technology it is also capable of treating eye bag and jowl fat reduction

Common Questions

Generally, the skin will begin to look smoother and tighter after the first treatment, and the results from the treatment will continue and final results can be seen on the 4th to 6th week, as the collagen continues to regenerate. Results will vary, depending on the original condition of the skin and deeper tissue, and degree and cause of damage

Topical numbing cream takes 20-30mins before each treatment, after which it takes about another 20-30mins for treatment and aftercare.
With the proper application of numbing cream, discomfort is kept to the very minimal. It is also possible to treat 1mm depth without any numbing cream application

There is a possibility of experiencing temporary erythema (reddening of skin) for about 3-4hours depending on the individual.
Apart from that, some patients might see a fine layer of scab formed over the skin which is perfectly normal which helps with the healing process

This varies from individual conditions which need to be assessed by our doctor.
Usually, multiple treatment sessions are needed, intervals between each session is 3 – 4 weeks

Avoid cleaning until redness subsides.
Cleanse your skin with cool water and try to avoid hot water and sun exposure during treatment course