The Kowayo Baby Skin Booster (Rejuran® Healer) changes your skin fundamentally by activating the self-renewal ability of the skin without irritation so that you can experience beautiful healthy skin from deep within.

The Kowayo Baby Skin Booster can be applied on wrinkles around the eyes that are difficult to treat with other aesthetic treatments and can also help to improve fine lines, skin tone/texture, dark eye circles, neck lines, and minimize pores.

What is Rejuran® Healer?

The Rejuran® Healer is skin healing booster that regenerates skin cells from deep inside by delivering polynucleotide (DNA fragment extracted from Salmon fish which is highly compatible with human) to the dermis layer to improve the biological condition of the skin.

Who is suitable for the Rejuran® Healer?

  • People who do not want to do Fillers or Botox and are looking for an alternative
  • Large pores
  • Acne scaring
  • Neck lines
  • Dark eye circles
  • Fine wrinkles around eyes, forehead and smile lines
  • For those who desire to have a brighter, firmer and tighter skin

Why do you need the Rejuran® Healer?

Over time, our skin may be damaged due to aging and external environmental factors. The damaged skin cells are also less capable of self-regeneration and may even accelerate the process of skin aging causing further loss of skin elasticity, increased wrinkles and pigmentation. With the Rejuran® Healer, it is able to activate the self-healing power of the skin and improve skin elasticity by restoring the healthy condition of the epidermis and dermis.

How is the Rejuran® Healer administered?

The Rejuran® Healer is administered in a 3-step process:

  • Topical anesthesia (20-30 mins)
  • Micro-injection (5-10 mins)
  • Soothing treatment (15-20 mins)

What are the benefits and advantages of doing the Rejuran® Healer?

  • Helps activates self-regeneration ability of the skin and improve various skin problems such as scars, inflammation and wrinkles.
  • Improve skin elasticity and fine lines by promoting collagen production to improve thinned and damaged skin caused by aging and other external stimuli.
  • Reduces sebum secretion, minimize pore size and improve skin tone and texture.
  • Proven safety with quick effectiveness and short downtime.

How frequently do I need to get this treatment?

For best results, it is recommended to do 3 treatments, with a 1-month interval. Thereafter, maintenance treatment every 6 monthly.

Is it painful and is there any downtime for this treatment? 

With the use of ultra-fine needles in a micro-needling injector, combined with adequate numbing cream and applying ice pack on the area, the procedure is tolerable and less painful than going through an acne extraction. You may experience redness and mild swelling on the treated area on the day of treatment which will usually be gone within 24 hours.

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