Jaw Slimming Non-Surgical Reduction

Achieve a natural looking V-shaped face with Kowayo’s Non-Surgical Jaw Slimming procedure.

This treatment is suitable for faces that are bigger at the jaws, often caused by bulky masseter muscles causing the face to look rounder, bigger and squarer.
It involves a simple administration of tiny pricks into the jaw muscles with minimal downtime. Sometimes, bulky jaw muscles are caused by habitual teeth grinding which wears out teeth enamel. This treatment will also help with this by relaxing the jaw muscles.

People sometimes believe that in order to correct square jaws, invasive surgery such as cutting of the jaw bone is necessary. The reality however is that non-surgical methods of jaw slimming are safer and as effective in achieving face slimming.

For best results, this treatment can be combined with other Kowayo face contouring techniques to achieve the popular V-shape face.

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