Doing a facelift in Singapore is common practice these days. Facelifts generally fall under a few main categories, with thread lifts in Singapore being a subset of facelifts. In short, thread lifts are essentially a form of facelifting.

Thread Lift Facelift in Singapore

A Kowayo signature, our V Face Thread Lift uses ultra-fine Korean threads that are completely dissolvable. It is safe and can be done without discomfort with appropriate analgesia.

The V Face Thread Lift uses innovative threads that have a dual effect of lifting and regenerating. Immediately post the procedure, the facial tissues can be seen to be elevated. Additionally, a unique feature of our V Face Thread Lift in Singapore is that it also stimulates collagen in the face in the subsequent months after the treatment.

Suitable for saggy areas such as the cheekbone, brow, jowls and upper neck. The thread lift facelift effectively achieves a V shaped face through tightening & lifting.

We understand that patients sometimes worry that the threads used in the facelift process will alter the original facial features of the face. However, in reality, this minimally invasive procedure essentially repositions facial tissues back to their original location.

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Lunchtime Facelift With No Bruising

• Look younger instantly
• No bruising or swelling
• Non-surgical
• Long-lasting results

Priced Affordably From $2,500/-

At Kowayo, we pride ourselves on the provision of comfortable and personalized service for the busy professional. Achieve your beauty ideal under the care of our conscientious doctor, Dr Wong Kee Seng, a physician registered under the Singapore Medical Council (SMC).