Sometimes called rhytidectomy, “facelift” is a surgical procedure often used in order to achieve a more youthful appearance in the face.

As we age, skin starts to sag and we experience wrinkles in different areas of the face. Therefore, people choose to go for such treatments to remove problems and resist the signs of ageing.

Over the years, treatments have advanced somewhat and the easiest now involves simple injections to tighten the skin and remove wrinkles so called facelift.

Otherwise called “botox”, this process is becoming more and more popular. As we continue to advance, the signs left behind of surgery are becoming less noticeable which means that no-one will know that you have had treatment.

Who? – When discussing facelifting treatment, many people say “well, who can have it done?”. In truth, anyone who is in good general health can have it as long as there are no underlying medical issues. If you have a significant amount of wrinkles that require more than botox, facelift surgery is a viable option.

If you smoke, you will have to stop before the treatment as well as during the recovery period as smoking will severely reduce the blood flow. When this happens, we increase the risk of scarring and infection.

As we are all unique, each surgery is different and this will be explained to you before going under.

What? As well as the “who”, another common question is “what does the procedure entail and what does it feel like?”. Typically, the surgery will begin with a small incision from the hairline down around the earlobe to the bottom of the hairline. In addition to this, there may also be a smaller incision under the chin to work on the skin around the neck.

As the skin is separated from the tissue, fat can be removed and the muscle and tissue can be moved around and tightened. From here, the skin is pulled upwards and the incision can be closed. With the main incision, it will mostly be hidden behind the hairline. However, the smaller incision under the chin may leave a small mark but will be allowed to recover.

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