Few people are born with perfect contours, but luckily we are able to reshape our features under the hands of a skilled doctor. By today’s beauty standards, a perfect nose is often described as one with a relatively straight bridge and defined tip. This can often elude those of us of the Southeast Asian descent, with Singapore being one of those countries. Surgery is effective but also costly and painful. Nose fillers are a perfect alternative to getting a nose you’ve always wanted.

Chin, Cheek and Nose Fillers

Dr Wong uses minimal injections to rejuvenate and enhance his patient’s features using carefully injected nose fillers. His technique is able to use fillers to sharpen not just the nose, but also extends to chin sharpening and adding volume to your cheeks and to enhancing the lips.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are a good choice for nose fillers in Singapore and a good alternative to invasive procedures such as implant surgery, while still being able to create a facial shape. These fillers are bio-compatible and can be reversed if needed, making it very safe for facial contouring use.

The procedures for chin fillers, cheek fillers and nose fillers are all completed in 1 session. Results are fast with pain being minimal.

Downtime is also a major consideration for many patients due to their hectic work and life schedules. As such, these filler treatments for the nose, cheek and chin have been designed at Kowayo to heal fast, resulting in minimal downtime.

We understand that every unique individual has different pain management thresholds and thus make it a point to advice the best option for you based on the doctor’s recommendations. We also cater to patients coming to do chin, cheek or nose fillers . Kindly reach out to us and we will assist you in whatever way we can.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary

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