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Droopy Eyelid Symptoms

Droopy Eyelid Symptoms

Also known as ptosis, droopy eyelids are a serious problem and one that can affect both eyes. Droopy eyelids are a common problem in Singapore. Whilst some cases start at birth and become more noticeable, others start at an older age and develop over time. Much like other health problems, ptosis is an issue that offers varying degrees of seriousness with some experiencing just problems in terms of appearance and others becoming a sign of something more serious.

A droopy eyelid could be a sign of a problem with the muscles, nerves, eye socket, or even the brain.

If someone experiences this problem over a period of hours, it could suggest a serious medical issue.

When first speaking to a professional, they will assess the severity of the issue by measuring the droopy eyelid and the eye opening. Even before you go and see a professional, you can complete this test yourself by looking in a mirror or asking someone else to look. When looking, the majority of your iris should be visible underneath the eyelid. If you cannot see the pupil itself, this is a problem.

If you suffer with ptosis, people will often notice that one eye appears larger than the other and this is because the eyelid covers a larger section of one eye. Over time, the creases in the eyelid will disappear and you will subconsciously lift your eyebrow to try and lift the eyelid. Although this may work for a couple of seconds at a time, it is more likely to cause headaches. Also, it is easy to fall into the habit of lifting your head back to try and see out from under the eyelid.

With simple ptosis (droopy eyelid), this will be the only symptom that you will experience.

If there is an underlying medical issue, you are likely to experience other symptoms. For example, double vision and difficulty speaking may be caused by something like myasthenia gravis. With smaller children, one in every three also have crossed eyes which affects eye movement and position. Finally, you may also notice an unusually small pupil in the affected eye and this can be caused by Horner’s syndrome.

Droopy eyelid treatments in Singapore

Our professionals at Kowayo are able to treat individuals with eyelids that turn droopy. To schedule a consultation to assess your droopy eyelids, contact us now.

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