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Cheeks, Chin & Lip Enhancement

Not only the eye area, our lower face plays an important part to a youthful appearance.

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Cheek Fillers

High cheekbones and full cheeks are often represented in the ‘Triangle of Youth’, together with a well-defined jawline. These 3 points are youthful highlights which made up the ‘Triangle of Youth’. 

As we age, volume & collagen loss can result in flattened cheeks, hollowness of the undereye and sagging skin. Facial bone changes and soft muscle tissues droops downwards. 

These myriad signs of age progression can be seen as an ‘Inverted Triangle of Youth’. 


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Facial Filler treatment can restore the ‘Triangle of Youth’ by filling up the volume loss over the sunken cheeks. 

Cheek area is divided into outer and inner/mid cheek. Enhancing the outer cheek with fillers provide support & raise the volume around and above the cheekbones. This creates an illusion of a more defined bone structure, fuller cheeks and more feminine V shaped face. 

Filling up the inner/mid cheeks also improves tired looking eyes & brightens the mid face for a more refreshed look. Also, it  smoothen fine lines and wrinkles too.  

Overall, it makes the face looks lifted and appear younger looking. 


CHIN Fillers

Have a desire of getting a coveted sharper looking face? 

Chin fillers can augment a rounded face or shorter chin to give a more V shaped look. By filling up the chin area, it helps to achieve the ideal facial convexity angle that connects a straight line (known as ‘Ricketts E line’) extended from the tip of the nose, lips and to the tip of the chin. 

Ricketts' E line chin filler singapore

Ricketts’ E line

Facial Symmetry Equal Thirds lips & cheek filler Singapore

Rule of Thirds

In aesthetic beauty, the best balance of facial proportion lies in the ‘Rule of Third’. Chin fillers can correct a recessed chin by increasing the volume and project the chin to cover the lower third of the face. 


More often, chin fillers can be done together with jaw slimming to achieve an overall sharper face or V-face.


LIp Fillers

Having thin lips & wish to plump it up? Lip fillers can easily do the work! 

Since da Vinci’s times, the golden ratio of the lips has been used to define beauty. One of them is the height of the lips with lower lip being 1.6x of the upper lip. 

Lip fillers is commonly used to improve appearance of thin lips by increasing the volume to achieve desired shape and sexy lips. Nicely defined lips not only gives it a natural pout, it enhance your facial contours too.

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As you age, the body produces less collagen and your lips start to lose their plumpness. Lip fillers can help to preserve the fullness of your lips and rejuvenates them. This helps to reduce lip lines or chapped lips.