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Which Hair Loss Treatment Is More Suitable For Me?

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Hair loss is a common problem between both men and women. However, the cause or reason behind this can vary from person to person. Whether it is a transient phase or permanent hair loss, there are numerous treatment options to protect and maintain your precious hair.


While temporary hair loss can be treated by home remedies, permanent ones require professional assistance. Over the years, the industry has developed significantly, bringing new hair loss treatment options and technology into light. And today we will talk about the top 3 treatment options- AnteAGE Hair Growth Factor, Regenera Activa, and FUE Hair Transplant.


But before we dive into these, let’s check out some root causes that lead to hair loss:



What Causes Hair Loss?

Hormonal change or imbalance is one of the most common causes of hair loss in humans. This includes physiological changes like menopause and pregnancy along with psychological problems like stress and depression. However,  experiencing through these life phenomenons, the body automatically re-adjusts itself after the phase ends.


But, there are a few causes that are irreversible, like nutritional deficiencies or hereditary. Sometimes, these can be treated by getting proper treatment from doctors and making major diet alterations.


Hair Loss Causes | Kowayo Aesthetic Singapore


Based on your condition, the treatment and its combination will be decided by the doctor.


AnteAGE Hair Growth Factor

AnteAGE Hair Growth Factor focuses on delivering naturally safe and effective results for hair loss. It uses the scalp’s natural healing system to improve the follicles’ health and promotes better hair growth for the patient. This is very much similar to how stem cells encourage skin regeneration.


The technological evolution has introduced this amazing treatment option which prevents aging while supporting hair regrowth. This treatment is based on using healthy stem cells to help the follicles regain their hair strength back and regenerate quickly.


The treatment is performed using the micro-needling method to get you the best results. It is a better substitute than many other approaches as it reaches deep in the scalp to stimulate the follicle regrowth better. Most patients of this treatment are advised to complement the treatment with AnteAGE home kit products to get longer-lasting results.


AnteAGE MD Home Hair Kit | Kowayo Aesthetic Singapore


Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa, also called Regenera, is another popular hair loss treatment option. It utilizes the natural regeneration system of our scalp to promote hair growth in the existing follicles. Regenera employs our body’s stem cells, progenitor cells, and other growth factors to simulate tissue generation, which aids in better hair growth.


This treatment option is known for delivering remarkable results by delivering naturally thick and healthy hairs. The treatment repairs damaged follicles and reverses the symptoms of hair loss significantly.


Treatment Procedure

During Regenera Activa, the below-listed steps are followed:


  • Doctor will take 3 micro grafts from the back of scalp that has healthy follicles. This sample is usually harvested by 1.5mm diameter punch needle and the wound will usually heal within one day. Pain is minimal after local anaesthesia given.
  • The collected graft samples are placed in Regenera device that aids in extracting progenitor cells, stem cells, and growth factors.
  • By using micro injection technique, the extraction fluid is injected to the bald spots or areas that need treatment.



Overall, Regenera Activa is a minimally invasive procedure, especially when compared to other treatment options. Moreover, the outcomes of this treatment can be seen sooner than others. The effects of treatment will be visible within 8 weeks in just one sitting. These results will keep improving up to one year.


FUE Hair Transplant

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is the ultimate hair loss treatment. Rather than using the conventional strip harvesting(FUT), FUE method follows a safer and more efficient approach.


The treatment takes follicle units from the donor region, usually at the back of scalp. Unlike FUT, FUE has no scarring. This allows the patients to return to routine activities much faster (usually after 3-4 days). During harvesting and implanting, the needle punch size of 0.9mm or smaller will be used to prevent any visual detection of scarring.


Hair Transplant Procedure | Kowayo Aesthetic Singapore


Treatment Procedure

The steps of an FUE treatment are:


  • The hair technician will prepare the patient’s head including shaving and marking out the transplant area and donor area.
  • Doctor will inject painkiller to the scalp to numb the donor area.
  • Harvest hair grafts from the donor area (usually from back of scalp) by using micro punch tools.
  • Harvested graft will be counted and separated. Most of the grafts extracted contain 2-3 hairs.
  • Doctor will inject painkiller to numb the recipient area.
  • Multiple small punch are made on the recipient region for implantation.
  • Implant hair graft into the punch holes at recipient area.
  • Treated area is cleaned and bandaged.


FUE hair transplant typically takes 6-8 hours to complete, depending on number of grafts transplanted.  It requires a team work consisting of doctor, hair technician and hair assistants. Despite the long hour procedure, it does deliver more effective results than many other treatment alternatives.


Differences Between These Treatment Options

While all these treatments are effective and share the same goal of treating hair loss problems, they do have major differences as well. From treatment approach to result lastingness, all the 3 treatment options differ significantly.


Comparison Table between AnteAGE, Regenera Activa, FUE Hair Transplant



These are the 3 top trending hair loss treatment options that one must consider. However, it is advisable to first seek professional advice from the doctor. Also, the effectiveness and outcomes of the treatments may vary individually.


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