What Is PICO Laser?

As we all know Nano is very small, in fact 1 NANO is actually 0.000000001. PICO on the other hand is even smaller. 1 PICO=0.000000000001.

When it comes to lasers, what we want is lower duration of each pulse which translate in to a faster laser.

PICO Laser generates the highest peak power (1.8GW) with ultra-short pulse duration for a faster result with lesser treatment sessions

PicoPlus® Applications

  • Tattoo (multi-colored & black)
  • Pigmentary issues such as :
    • Melasma
    • Lentigo
    • Freckles
    • Seborrheic Keratosis
  • Skin Rejuvenation (Cold Rejuvenation) including :
    • Wrinkle and Acne scars
    • Pore
  • Redness issues such as:
    • Post-acne Erythema
    • Inflammatory Acne
    • Facial Flushing
    • Rosacea

Price: $500 for Two Sessions

Common Questions

You can resume normal lifestyle immediately after the treatment. Some patients might experience some darkening which is normal and will go away in time

The number of sessions highly depends on individual condition, the type of pigmentation and the after care that is taken.

Most cases requires about 3-6 sessions for optimal results

PICO Laser main difference and advantage is having the ability to produce shorter pulses which also means a lesser time required to treat any skin issues. This ultra-short pulse capability also allows it to break down pigmentation in to much tinier fragments compared to traditional lasers such as Q-switched laser.

What this also means is lesser sessions required and recovery time is usually very minimal or in some instance, no recovery time at all.

You would already know by now that PICO laser’s capability of breaking down pigments into tiny fragments.
It’s ability to do so allows your body to remove those pigments a lot more easily as compared to traditional lasers.