Learn about the different types of treatment Kowayo has for your face

Learn about the different types of treatment Kowayo has for your face

The face is the most important part of the body. It is where the first point of contact is made. Before pleasantries are exchanged, people look at each other to get a feel for the person. It is to judge if the other party is in a condition to talk, maybe he is busy and not in a position to interact. Maybe he is already looking over with a smile, signalling that he is ready to engage in a conversation.

A similar situation where the importance of the face is emphasized is in a game of poker. The term ‘poker face’ came out due to the need to conceal elation when having winning cards, in order to raise one’s winnings. With that being said, a face is noticed first when in any form of social interactions.

Generally, the first time we make a good impression is when a person looks handsome or pretty. It registers in our brain as a moment to remember when we look at someone so alluring. That actress you saw in the magazine, the football player with his chiselled face grinning in celebration. The masses worship and fawn over them for their looks, their talents in their respective industries. While one might argue looks can only bring you that far, it certainly brought them far enough. Brands actively seek attractive people to promote their products as they provide positive engagement with their good looks. Of course, there are other factors when looking for a spokesperson, their character, charisma and social angle. But as mentioned above, looks are what catches people’s eye first, then they think about their other qualities. In essence, attractive people attract attention.

They bring about a positive mentality in that looking good makes you feel good. Confidence in one’s own facial aesthetics is a good thing but sometimes we wish for that slightly higher nose bridge or sharper chin that will enhance the way we look. In this current day and age, due to scientific advancements, it is possible. In the past, society has been quick to scrutinise and denounce facial adjustments, while in this era, they readily accept and embrace changes for this generation is more open-minded. This open-mindedness recognizes the need to be whoever we want to be. It also advocates looking good due to the presence of online media, where to deliver a first good impression, you have to look good all the time.

At Kowayo, the focus is on each individual person’s aesthetics. Dr Wong looks at each client and listens to their own opinion of their face. He then inputs his ideas in improving the aesthetic condition of the face and recommends the appropriate treatment. Dr Wong’s various treatments focus on the different aspects of the face.


Diminished collagen is caused by age which leads to wrinkles. Dewy Shine Ellanse has a natural facelift effect which stimulates the body’s collagen. The abundance of collagen results in long-lasting skin rejuvenation. Clients have a choice of the different type of Ellanse (S, M, L and E) as they each last for a different number of years. Ellanse has a minimal downtime with little to no downside, a slight redness which will dissipate after a few hours.

Dark Eye Circles

Dark Eye Circles are the bane of every late sleeper. They are caused by late night and exhaustion. Appearing as a dark shadow beneath the eyes, it gives off a lethargic appearance. Kowayo’s dark eye circles treatment targets the tear trough with light-weight HA fillers to rejuvenate and lighten the condition. Even if we are working and partying hard, we should always have a reason to look aesthetically pleasing.


To the uninitiated, weather, lifestyle and age cause our skin to age. The skin gets saggier, crow’s feet starts to appear and the cheeks look sunken. Sygmalift is a facelift that uses a combination of therapy to provide high-performance skin lifting. It provides faster treatment and treats the face without pain and minimal downtime.


For those who wish for more defined features in the face, Kowayo provides nose, temple, chin and cheek fillers which helps to define and reshape our contours. Performed by Dr Wong, who recommends the best way to pronounce one’s features, clients are in safe hands. Enhancing the lips, sharpening the chin and adding volumes to the cheeks are some ways in which the fillers are utilised. The fillers are bio-compatible and reversible if need be, making it safe for use.

Kowayo has more treatments available other than those mentioned above. If you are unsure of your face’s best definitions and how to improve on it, drop a call to Kowayo at 6884 4280 or contact them here.