Dewy Shine Ellanse is a collagen stimulation and wrinkle removal treatment. A few of the benefits are to lift the cheeks, tear trouch area, chin and forehead. It does this by maintaining skin suppleness, elasticity and suppleness using collagen. Dewy Shine Ellanse stimulates the body’s collagen, allowing the natural stimulation of collagen. This also results in long-lasting skin rejuvenation.

How Does It Work?

Ellanse is made up of a biodegradable synthetic material called Polycaprolactone(PCL). These microspheres are suspended in a Carboxy-methylcellulose(CMC) gel. When injected, the area on the face that’s lacking will become smoother as they are plumped up. Over time, the CMC gel is absorbed by the body, this results in collagen being produced by the skin naturally to replace the gel.

Side-effects of Ellanse

While Ellanse has a lot of pros, it has a mini downside. That is the mild swelling and redness after the injection which is temporary and will go away after a few hours. Other than that, caution has to be exercised as Ellanse is a sensitive procedure which should be performed by an experience doctor.