Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year from Kowayo

Happy Chinese New Year from Kowayo

Chinese New Year is upon us in a few more weeks. It is the season of meeting with relatives while catching up on last year’s happenings. One of the most important endearing quality of Chinese New Year is that everyone aims to look good. New clothes are bought while salons are packed with people looking to freshen their looks with a new hairdo. Additionally, beauty salons catered to facials, manicures and pedicures are also some of the popular places where people go to beautify themselves.

Beauty Solutions

In an era where many people are exposed to new age media like the internet through technology, they grow to be more open to various ideas and concepts prevalent in many countries. Beauty is a hot topic in many places around the world, different cultures approach it differently. With celebrities utilising online media to share their life and beauty secrets, their fans discover various ways in which they can beautify themselves. One topic that has changed with the times is aesthetic enhancements. Previous sentiments towards it are negative as it was considered a luxury product that only the rich can afford. Additionally, it is known to be invasive with long downtimes that can interfere with day to day activities. Aesthetical enhancements or otherwise known as plastic surgery has evolved to be a non-invasive and cheaper treatment with minimal downtime.

V- Face Jaw Slimming & Chin Filler

Jaw Slimming and Chin Fillers

Jaw Slimming and Chin Fillers

For this festive season, Kowayo has created a combination of two procedures which will help achieve a slimmer V-Shaped Face. Utilising a mix of current treatments, Kowayo aims to bring out a newer you for this coming Chinese New Year. Botox Jaw Slimming, one of the treatments used helps to relax the jaw muscles which can cause the face to look rounder, bigger and squarer. Teeth grinding adds to the jaw muscle due to the repeated movements and this treatment helps to stop teeth grinding. Many people are worried about the use of botox. In a huge quantity, it is known as a toxin that can harm people. Of course in medical cases such as these, they are proven to be a therapeutic protein utilised by many doctors around the world. In small quantities for medical purposes, Botox paralyzes the muscles by preventing signals from the nerve cells from communicating with the muscles.

A few of the medical conditions that Botox treats are:

  • Migraines
  • Excessive Sweatings
  • Leaky Bladders

It is extremely safe in the hands of a skilled and professional doctor like Dr Wong, who is one of the most established aesthetic surgeons in Singapore. Chin Fillers consists of using Dermal Fillers to enhance one’s features.

Dermal Fillers are utilised in the following forms:

  • Adds volume and smooths the creases of the skin
  • Enhancing cheeks to augment their shapes
  • Plumping the lips to make it look fuller
  • Increasing volume in the cheeks to counter sunken cheeks

In Kowayo’s case, it is used for the chin, where it fills the lacking area. This emphasises the Chin, making it look sharper. Additionally, with the Botox Jaw Slimming, the face looks slimmer and sharper. The team at Kowayo hopes to help you on your journey to a beautiful you this coming Chinese New Year. Wishing you readers the best of luck and may you prosper in any endeavours you embark on.