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Pamper Yourself This Coming Christmas

Pamper Yourself This Coming Christmas

Last week, we shared the first Christmas package that Kowayo unveiled. The second one that we will be unveiling will include two very popular treatments. Nose fillers and Thread lift. The focus of this package is to achieve a higher and well defined nose.

Nose fillers at Kowayo are performed by Dr Wong and his team. It is carefully injected on the facial areas to sharpen and add volume to your features, achieving the look that you desire. The fillers can be reverse if required, making it safe. Additionally, results are immediate and downtime is minimal. Some effects are just reddish skin which will go away within hours.

Thread face lift is the second treatment that is provided. It assists in treating saggy face as it provides a lifting effect. It is safe, has a minimal downtime and is non-invasive. This makes it one of the more preferred treatment these days. The N-Cog thread that is used are completely dissolvable so there will not be a need for an operation to remove it at a later date. The thread lift tightens and lift the face, resulting in a V Shaped Face. An additional benefit is that it also stimulates collagen. The results of the procedures last for about 1.5 years.

Combining both of these together will result in beautiful you this coming Christmas. If you require some more information, do contact us at 6884 4280.


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